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The reason the VA veterans are committing suicide

It is known that individuals that have served in the military have poor mental health. Many suffer in silence. Many take their lives.

One of the reason the VA veterans are committing suicide is that there not getting the help they need.

The VA’s way of helping is to give medications here and there and maybe an appointment once every two months.

For example, my mom only sees her psychologist once every two months, and it took my mom four years of waiting before she got her first appointment.

This is no way for veterans to be treated


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Doctor Shopping REALLY

Doctor shopping means, the practice of going from doctor to doctor to obtain prescriptions for illegal pharmaceuticals; also, the practice of getting prescriptions for a single drug from more than one doctor at the same time

My mom was living in Texas when she started going to the VA. Later my mom decided to move to Florida, so she starts going to the VA in Florida.

Because of the move it was put in her records as “Doctor Shopping.”


The doctors at the VA do not take their record keeping seriously.

The doctors at the VA do not take their professions seriously.

Something needs to be done for these veterans.


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Do you think throwing up blood is an emergency?

Do you think throwing up blood is an emergency?

Well the VA “veterans affairs” hospital does not.

Ill tell you what Im talking about. My mom has been going to the ER and doctors” VA of course “ about stomach pain and problems with eating for awhile. She started throwing up blood. Took her to the VA ER and a couple hours later a nurse comes in and tells my mom that throwing up BLOOD is NOT an emergency and that she didn’t need to be there. They were going to have her signed out until I went to get the nurse manger. They only kept her over night. They didn’t try and find out why she was throwing up blood and to this day my mom is still sick and they don’t do a thing that helps, they just make her worse..

One of the worse days of my life

One of the worse days of my life

The VA “veteran’s affairs” once again makes hell for me. My mom went to the ER. They keep my mom over night and while she was there she started to act strange. I mean  like she was zoning out for like 10 mins, then she snapped out of it and so after that she seem like she wasn’t there or  like she was seeing thing that wasn’t there and she wasn’t makes any sense. She said that the TVs and computer have taken over the world. She got so bad that the doctors had to tie her down, NOT give her something to go to sleep or calm her down. Then she stopped talk or moving, it was like she wasn’t there. It was early morning that the doctor had told me my mom had a stroke and that she was going to need to be put into a nursing home, that she was dangerous, but what really got me most is the doctor told me that she got a year to live. There weren’t going to release her because she wasn’t safe.

I went home and got started on get my mom into a nursing home and I called the family. I finally got everything together.  A couple days later I get a call from my mom’s nurse, she told me that I could pick my mom up. Pick her up? I was told that I couldnt, that she was to dangerous, she needed to be at a nursing home and she can’t take care of herself. That is what the doctor said to me that day my mom was admitted to the hospital. I went to the VA and my mom was alert, she was awake and she was fine.

I feel like an idiot because when the doctor said she had a stroke and that she was dieing. I should have realized for the doctor to come up with something like that, they would have to run tests. Which they didn’t. Only blood work and that wouldn’t show up.  One of the reasons for my mom to act that way was not sleeping for 4-5 days. She slept while there and she most of got enough slept to think clearly.  She’s fine and took her home.”There is another thing that caused it but that will be in another blog”

When I was told my mom was dieing and that there was nothing for me to do. I felt alone and scared. I didn’t know what to do; I was 20 years old at the time. I had no one to get help with what was going on. I was so angry with what that doctor did. I keep checking my mom to make sure she is still breatheing.

Tumors— Taken from Neck, Placed into Arm in detail

The VA thinks that all of my mom’s problems are mental. My mom was having seizures, and they didn’t believe her. They were saying it was all in her head…

After the third seizure I got fed up.

I told them that if they didn’t find out what was wrong I was going to the media. They got scared when I said that.

Thats when they found out that she had hyperthyroidism and that there was a tumor in her throat. So my mom went into surgery to have the tumor removed in June of 2012.

After the first surgery the surgeon came out and informed me that they got two tumors out of my mom’s throat and the she had high blood preasure..

And then 5-10 mins later the surgeon came out again and said radiology got it wrong. The tumor was on the other side of her throat, so on the same day not more then 20 mins after surgery , they went into the other side of her throat to remove the tumor.

Once that was complete the surgeon came back and told me that they removed one tumor from the correct side of her throat.

To this day, Mom keeps having seizures.

Later on we found out the surgeon took out three GOOD parts of her thyroid, and they left the tumor inside her throat, untouched.

The surgeon said days before the surgery that he was goes to do an exploratory on her, but he didn’t do that. He went in and just took what ever out. He keeps bragging about having to do this to 500 PEOPLE. How many of those 500 people are walking around with a tumor.

When the finally took the tumor out in November, a different surgeon did the unthinkable and PUT THE TUMOR IN HER ARM. They didn’t even tell her they were going to do that. They took 4 small pieces of the tumor and put it in her arm. My mom will have to go back into surgery and have one of those pieces removed. She will have to keep going back into surgery at lease 4 times.

Now she has even more problems than when this process started. She will have heart attack, heart problems, blood pressure, stocks, kidney stones and kidney failure and seizures for the rest of her life. I fear she will not be around long.