Awhile back, my mom was having unbearable chest pain. I called an ambulance, and the EMT’s arrived. They drove my mom to the VA emergency room; however, the VA hospital was not able to accept her.

The ambulance turned around and went to the nearest hospital for civilians. At this hospital, my mom finally received some thorough medical attention. We found out that one of her heart stints is 90% blocked, and this stint is located in the proximal left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery of the heart– more commonly known as the widowmaker.

It was also discovered that her carotid artery is 80% blocked. The doctor described my mom as a, “Ticking time bomb.” He advised us to replace the stints as soon as possible. If the VA was not my mother’s provider then that doctor would have done the surgery there.

The civilian ER doctor wanted to have a follow-up with my mother, but we couldn’t go back. The VA refused to cover the cost. The VA wanted my mom to see one of there doctors.

My mom made her follow-up appointment with a VA doctor. “I’m going to make this simple.” The VA doctor said she is fine. He went on to say the widowmaker is nothing to worry about. He explained that even if the widowmaker is 100% blocked, it would only affect  5-10% of the heart, and that is nothing.

The VA doctor also said that he wasn’t going to do anything about the 80% blocked carotid artery. That he wanted to see more symptoms ( like a stroke) before they did anything.

My mom already has 5% of her heart damaged, and this  physician claimed the stints cannot be replaced and she is fine as long as she continues to take her regularly prescribed medications.

I’m not an anatomy expert, but a few quick google searches gave me information that the widowmaker is called the WIDOW MAKER for a reason…

P.S thanks courtneyoftheseacourtneyofthesea.tumblr.com for the editing


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