What my mom needs for her to live

My mom’s current medications:

Temazepam: It’s to help her sleep. She takes 30mg in one capsule as needed for insomnia, such as if she is still awake at midnight.

Hydrocodone: This is for her chronic pain. The dose is a 10mg tablet, and she takes that four times a day at 6AM, 10AM, 2PM, and 6PM. Its also mixed with Tylenol: This is also for the pain. It’s 325mg tablet

She she been diagnosis with:
Rheumatoid arthritis
Several herniated discs in her back
Heart conditions  

If she goes more than two days without sleep she would get a bad seizure. That is one reason why she takes Temazepam. If she has too many seizures she would most likely get a stroke, and that VA has said they believe that maybe one of the cause behind her first stroke.

When my mothers not on her hydrocodone, her blood pressure goes up from the pain she is in, and the increased blood pressure and causes chest pains and headaches, this only happens if she doesn’t take four a day . Not even blood pressure medication will lower it when she has it from the pain she is in.

Her blood pressure raising is another risk of seizures, and most likely another stroke or a third heart attack.

It is so important that she stays on her insomnia and pain medications in order for her to live.


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