VA lost again

I just found this in my drafts that I for got. this happened a couple of years ago/

So my mom has a few bones and muscles problems. So my mom goes to see physical therapy and let me tell you that was HELL, but that is a different story to tell in another blog. I’m just going to skip a head to the last appointment my mom went too. When we got there which we were 15 mins early, the doctor was too busy talking to people to release she was 40 mins late to her appointment.  She seemed nice a first, but I just met her for the first time. She asks me questions that my mom should be answering not me. By the time the doctor start to talk to my mom I was annoyed because she kept asking me questions about my mom’s health. Finally she starts to talk to my mom. While my mom was answering the doctor, the doctor would look at me and mouth that my mom didn’t need me and ect.  My mom didn’t see what was going on because her back was turned, my mom was facing to door and the doctor was behind her.  I just ignored the doctor. Then the doctor started to ask me about my life, why would she need to know about my life, but I answer some of her questions.  She asked me if I was in school, if I was working. Then she turns to my mom and tells her she didn’t need my help, that I was in her way of recovery. That I was using her for her money, which she really doesn’t have any. And I was doing that so I didn’t have to go to school or work. Then she had the nerve to pate me on the head like I was a stupid child or a child trying to get away with something. Then she tells my mom that I wasn’t needed to be at her appointments. I could tell my mom was lost, she didn’t know what to do, so my mom agreed for me to leave. So I left, walked around a lot thinking over what happened. I started to think the doctor was right. Was I holding my mom back? Let me think about it. NOPE . My mom has a hard time walking, she can’t even sit up without be in so much pain, just sitting hurts her and my mom has seizures. And the seizures alone mess with my mom big time. Like she has trouble remembering things, her words are mumbled up and it’s hard to understand her and she forgets words. I do all the shopping, the cleaning, cooking and ect. There are times that my mom would have a good day and get out of bed and walk around little bit. Then I started to think again why did the doctor want me out of the door so much. That’s when it hit me. The VA hates that I go in to my mom’s appointments, they hate that I don’t let them just walk all over my mom or get away with lying about her meds or her health. When my mom’s appointment was over, I asked how it was. She told me that she wished she didn’t tell me to leave because the doctor went on about her not needing me to do thing for her and such and they really didn’t talk about her health much. I told my mom what I was thinking about how I think the VA is trying to get rid of me, because this happened before, 2 years ago when my mom primary doctor didn’t want me in the room.  VA doesn’t like that I will ask question that they don’t want to answer. Also I get on the computer and look up on some of the things they say and I can say that most of the shit they say is made up. My mom felt so bad about what happened, it’s what the VA was hoping for by having my mom say that I wasn’t need for the appointments.   Once again the VA has failed in getting rid of me. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

P.S thanks again Courtney for editing


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