Trying to get a service dog, VA not helpful

As my mom was seeing a psychiatrist, the psychiatrist did not listen to anything my mom said. In the past before my mom started going to the VA she went to civilian doctors.

These civilian doctors told my mom that she should not take certain medications for various reasons such as having bad reaction to it or just being allergic.

These medications to avoid are in the records that my mom gave to the VA when she began seeking treatment there, but the psychiatrist wouldn’t read them, and the VA doctors kept wanting to but her on the medications regardless of her history.

Every appointment my mom has with the psychiatrist it is the same thing over and over again– same conversations, and they go nowhere. Don’t these doctors read their notes? No progress is ever made. This is the psychiatrist who said she would write a letter for my mom to get a service dog. It took a little over a year for my mom to get that letter.

All that the psychiatrist had to do was write it but no. The VA doctors kept giving us the go around; she told us to go to this doctor or that doctor.

We decided to drop it for a couple of months. My mom’s psychologist stepped in trying to find out why the psychiatrist didn’t write the letter; of course, she didn’t get an answer.

After another month the psychologist told my mom to go to the release of information and that there was going to be a letter for the service dog from my mom’s psychiatrist, but, of course, there was no letter.

My mom started to email her psychiatrist about the letter. My mom got a reply from the nurse saying that my mom had to first write a letter to her psychiatrist about what she wanted. ]My mom replied back saying that the psychiatrist knows what the letter is about, and this process is getting ridiculous and that if the letter is not done in a couple of days my mom was going to call the psychiatrist supervisor or the director.

The nurse didn’t even understand why the psychiatrist didn’t write the letter when the psychiatrist has done it many times before, but in the end my mom finally got the letter, but we are still yet to get a service dog.

My mom was told that the VA was going to help her get the dog, but we found out much later on that they don’t do that. So we are looking for a way to get a dog for my mom. These doctors are not reliable. So to this day my mom still doesn’t have her service dog.


Thanks for the help

pics  of the email to prove some of how upset my mom was


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