My mom has gone through tremendous troubles for her back and the pain from her multiple conditions. She has arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and she has five herniated disks in her spine. Recently, my mom’s back pain was getting worse by the day. It got to the point where she was in so much pain that on the third day we called an ambulance to take her to the ER. In the ER the physician enters the room, and says he is going to take some x-rays because he was concerned she fractured her back since it is common those those with osteoporosis to spontaneously fracture their spine. After the x-rays the doctor came in with the look of horror on his face, first thing we think of is that my moms back is broken, but the doctor said no that this is one of the worse backs he has ever seen. We learned that my mom has six herniated disks in her spine now. Then the doctor said something that surprised us. As he was talking he mentioned the scoliosis in my mom’s lower back. We were stunned. We had always been told the scoliosis was in her upper back.

The physician asked if my mom had gone through physical therapy. My mom and I told the physician that she did– for her upper back scoliosis. So the physician asks what kind of physical therapy did my mom do? My mom tells him that she was given back and leg exercises and stretches. The doctor interrupted her immediately to say she should have never done any back exercises or stretches, for that would only make the back in worse condition. The physician couldn’t believe that physical therapists would ever advise such treatment. He said they clearly never looked at my mom’s x-rays. He also wanted to know why they didn’t do something’s he suggested  that would have help her, but Physical therapy said no. He also said that now my mom is at risk for a Danger of a spontaneous fracture

This  doctor was so much different that most of doctors we have experienced through the VA. He sat down and worked with us to resolve any confusion, and he truly wanted to learn what was happening and how he could make my mom’s health improve. He also mentioned that my mom was lucky she didn’t break her back while doing these exercises that the physical therapist instructed my mom to do.

However, after this ordeal, my mom now has a back that is in constant pain. And her back is in such critical condition that if she moves wrong she could break her back.

I would like to say thanks to for helping me with editing


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