Moms pain and sleeping history

My mom has had insomnia since she was thirteen years old. Benedryl worked for her sleep until she turned 23 years old. When she was 23 years old it stopped working altogether, and as time went by her insomnia got worse.

My mom got to where she would get 3-4 hours per night. By the time she was in her early 40’s she would go days with out sleep. So she tried Ambien for sleep, and she started to have amnesia. She would sleep walk, drive, give away family heirlooms, and have long conversation on the phone or in person and she would not remember it. She was taken of it and was put on Lunesta, but it did the samething as Ambien. Thus, she was taken off Lunesta and was put on Temazepam.

Temazepam worked. It would not mess with her head, and she remembered everything.

In addition to the sleeping problems, she has a lot of pain from head to toes. It all started when she was diagnosed with spinal meningitis at the age of 23.

For the pain they gave her Darvocet for a year. She took one pill four times a day. Then at 33 years old, the same thing happened again, she was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. They put her back on Darvocet. She took one pill four times a day.

She stayed on that dosage until she was 41 years old. Then she went to the family doctor asking for something that wasn’t a narcotic (this was before she starting going to the VA), and he put her on Lodien which is a NSAID, which is similar to Advil.

For eight months she was on it, but she was taken off of it because of kidney failure. They then sent her to a specialist for muscle and joint problems.

She was told that she has fibromyalgia. She was also told that it was not safe for her to take Lodien or any other NSAID again since those drugs are processed by the kidneys, and her kidneys would fail.

Again, they put her back on Darvocet. They said she can take that or nothing for her pain. She stayed on it till seven or eight years ago, when she started at  the VA. They took her off of it, and they put her on hydrocodone. Since then my mom has been on the hydrocodone.

Now they want to take her off the hydrocodone due to too many veterans being on opioids. She still says that Darvocet worked better than hydrocodone.

P.S. this is part of many blogs on my moms meds


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