People keep asking me why I flinch, why I back away, and duck so much.  I really can’t just say that I was the punching bag back at my school.  I just say that I just do that. Now I’m tired of being asked that same thing over and over. It started in 6th grade. I got bullied by a couple of girls. One hit me in the throat and I end up in the ER, because I had trouble breathing. Now I have trouble breathing and I can no longer sing like I uses to.  Then in 7th grade I had a boyfriend that liked to hit me around, broke up with him of course.   8th grade he still hit me, because he wanted me to go out with him again and I would say NO and then I would get hit.. If you’re wondering if I went to the teachers or staff, I DID. They didn’t do a thing, they say that they’re going to get the bulling to end. It never did and he kept on hitting and pushing me around school.  I also got beaten a few times and the school did not do a thing once again.

Back in 9th grade, I had a best friend and we were close. Her sister threaten to kill me with a knife, because she didn’t like that I was friends with her sister and I backed her up against people making fun of her reading problems and ect.   I went to the school about that and I also told the school that she owned knives that are in her car, that she drives to the school. School didn’t do shit  That is why I flinch, back away or duck so much. Now I will defend myself.


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