Tumors— Taken from Neck, Placed into Arm in detail

The VA thinks that all of my mom’s problems are mental. My mom was having seizures, and they didn’t believe her. They were saying it was all in her head…

After the third seizure I got fed up.

I told them that if they didn’t find out what was wrong I was going to the media. They got scared when I said that.

Thats when they found out that she had hyperthyroidism and that there was a tumor in her throat. So my mom went into surgery to have the tumor removed in June of 2012.

After the first surgery the surgeon came out and informed me that they got two tumors out of my mom’s throat and the she had high blood preasure..

And then 5-10 mins later the surgeon came out again and said radiology got it wrong. The tumor was on the other side of her throat, so on the same day not more then 20 mins after surgery , they went into the other side of her throat to remove the tumor.

Once that was complete the surgeon came back and told me that they removed one tumor from the correct side of her throat.

To this day, Mom keeps having seizures.

Later on we found out the surgeon took out three GOOD parts of her thyroid, and they left the tumor inside her throat, untouched.

The surgeon said days before the surgery that he was goes to do an exploratory on her, but he didn’t do that. He went in and just took what ever out. He keeps bragging about having to do this to 500 PEOPLE. How many of those 500 people are walking around with a tumor.

When the finally took the tumor out in November, a different surgeon did the unthinkable and PUT THE TUMOR IN HER ARM. They didn’t even tell her they were going to do that. They took 4 small pieces of the tumor and put it in her arm. My mom will have to go back into surgery and have one of those pieces removed. She will have to keep going back into surgery at lease 4 times.

Now she has even more problems than when this process started. She will have heart attack, heart problems, blood pressure, stocks, kidney stones and kidney failure and seizures for the rest of her life. I fear she will not be around long.

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